Wedding Trends: Candle Arrangements / by Ryan Turner

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Create a Romantic and Intimate Wedding Setting

As the days begin to shorten and the season turns to winter, it’s the perfect time to capitalize on one of our favorite wedding trends: Candle Treatments. A perfect way to add ambiance to any space, candles add warmth, light, and a touch of romanticism to any wedding ceremony or reception. 

With more and more couple foregoing the traditional floral centerpieces, candles are a way to add architecture and light play to the over all aesthetic of a wedding.

Candles Arrangements for Ceremony

If the plan is to create a romantic ceremony setting, candles must be a part of the equation. Keep in mind, that if you are getting married in June, and your ceremony starts at 5:00p, then chances are, you are still going to have some element of natural light coming into your ceremony space, so you may not get the desired effect you are looking for. For late fall or winter weddings, candles can transform a ceremony setting.

Framing out the Aisle

One of our favorite ways to frame a ceremony with candles is to create tiered focal points down the aisle. Starting with large Lucite candelabras for a contemporary wedding creates an impactful foreground focal. As your eye is drawn down the aisle, filling in with clusters of candles on mirrored risers, will reflect light from the foreground to the background, and create an element of depth. Finally, by framing the ceremony space with an archway, Chuppah, or textural backdrop, accented with clusters of candles at varied heights, or beautiful candelabras, your eye will be  drawn to the center where the ceremony will take place.

Candle Arrangements that Double as Centerpieces

If you have chosen a venue where both the ceremony and reception can take place in the same spot, a great cost saving technique is to repurpose your aisle décor for your dining centerpieces. Using a variety of low and high glass vessels, or a collection of romantic mercury glass vessels can create a dramatic long and low centerpiece for feasting tables. Alternatively, if you are more inclined to rounds, using a cluster of candles at varied heights, and bringing in some taller floral focals for a portion of the tables, will create visual interest and add dimension to your reception.

Some words of advice

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A common misconception is that by forgoing floral, you will be saving money by doing just candles, but the cost of vessels, votives, and the sheer quantity of candles needed to frame out an aisle or reception can add up. If you are set on creating that romantic ceremony but are working with a smaller budget for décor, a great way to extend your candle light is by incorporating reflective surfaces, mirrored bases, or mirrored risers. This will bounce the light from one surface to the other, and help extend the effect of a candle arrangement.

This trend is here to stay, and especially for fall or winter weddings is a great way to enhance the overall ambiance of your venue. From wooden lofts, to ornate ballrooms, candles allow you to turn down the lights, set the mood, and create an unforgettable wedding experience for your guests.

cover photo by Cristina G Photography