International Flair at Chicago's London House / by Ryan Turner

Jenna + Ajay | November 5th, 2016 | London House Chicago

Let's face it, in the Wedding Industry there is really no "slow time". When we are not running around executing weddings, we are in proposal and showings, trying to ensure that the next year is set up for success.

It's in the minutes between that you get a chance to sit down and look back at what you've done. This wedding is a perfect example. 

London House

The London House open in 2016 in a 1920's building once developed as one of Chicago's first highrise buildings. After a full remodel, we have to say it's one of the most gorgeous venues around. 

The Look

With the help of Clementine Custom Events, Jenna and Ajay elegantly pulled together a bold color palette that perfectly accented Ajay's Indian influences and the couple's contemporary style. Bold red roses, with deep purple accents in clusters made for striking centerpieces and ceremony focals. 

Candles elevated on mirrored boxes perfectly framed the aisle and ceremony space. Combining satin linens and clear glass vessels, created a vibrant and inviting reception setting for all of the guests to dance and enjoy the evening. 

Event Partners

Big thank you to Rose Photography for capturing the day so we could look back on it, and to Clementine Custom Events for helping the day run smoothly.