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Wedding Trends: Candle Arrangements by Ryan Turner

As the days begin to shorten and the season turn to winter, it’s the perfect time to capitalize on one of our favorite wedding trends: Candle Treatments. A perfect way to add ambiance to any space, candles add warmth, light, and a touch of romanticism to any wedding ceremony or reception. 

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Wedding Trends: Garland by Ryan Turner

Gaga for Garland

It was a few years back that we started to notice brides (and grooms) were exploring beyond round tables with a mix of tall and short centerpieces, and while there will always be a place for the more traditional approach, the advent of "feasting tables" has caused couples to ditch the linen, embrace the rustic, and experiment with a variety of different centerpieces. 

photo credit: Megan Robinson

photo credit: Megan Robinson

Now a few years into the trend, there has been an evolution of the centerpiece to include a dramatic and eye catching design: the table garland. Now before your mind jumps immediately to the holiday season with pine trees, pine cones, and red and gold ribbon, that's not what we are talking about.

What is Garland

Garland can be created from most anything and tends to be a completely natural woven display of greens and floral. From lush ivy and seeded eucalyptus, to more ornate floral garlands, there is no limit to the what can be included. 

forist: compass floral

forist: compass floral

How Garland is used

The reason the trend has been gaining popularity, is because garlands work best on long feasting tables, or a sweetheart table (a head table that consists of only the bride and groom). Think of a long 8 foot by 4 foot table. A typical setting (flatware, china, stemware) takes up 1 foot, so if you have two people sitting across from each other, there is still 2 feet in the center of the table to fill with decor. That's a lot of space! Garland is a great way to add lush and low textures that can spill over the table an help draw guest's eyes from the floor upwards to the table.


Garland Caveat

Depending on the amount of tables you have, and what the garland is going to consist of, it is easy for garland to get pricy quickly. But there is a great middle ground of incorporating garland on the head table, sweetheart table, or as one of two feasting table looks to save a bit on cost. Choosing greens over flowers will also help, but it may not be the look you are going for. 

Go for Garland

florist: botanica international design studio photographer: kristen weaer photography

florist: botanica international design studio
photographer: kristen weaer photography

Garlands work well with tables dressed with linen or raw and rustic tables, and can be designed to be any length. From traditional to contemporary, big budget or small, garland is an impressive way to create a trendy statement that enhances your reception setting, and leaves your guests with a lasting impression.